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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Day with my Kiddos!

Last night I had my last night of "Baby Volley." I have helped coach a group of 9-11 year olds every Wednesday all season. I LOVE THESE KIDS! I always looked forward to Wednesday's so that I could see them. We had a blast even though I could barely communicate with them. I used my limited French and when it made sense in my head, I would still get confused looks from them. I tried and it was sad that I could never really talk to them. O but we tried our hardest every single week. Some of the girls would come up to me and start telling me a story and it saddened me to tell them "Je ne comprends pas." These kids really have a special place in my heart and I am really going to miss them greatly.

So on our last night together I bought 3 big chocolate bunnies. I also brought 2 of my t-shirts from the club and a pair of sweats that I won't be able to fit in my bag on the way home. We had competitions. The first was for a chocolate bunny. They each had a ball and they had to pass-pass-set-set to themselves in that order. If they messed up the order of the ball fell, they had to sit down. The last one standing won! It was a long competition and in the middle the last 3 boys could not be stopped. So we changed it to pass-pass-pass-set-set-set and then even to pass 4 times then set 4 times. After about 5 minutes we had our winner!

The second competition was a serving competition. We had a boys side and a girls side. There would be a boy winner and a girl winner and each would win a chocolate bunny. They were in a line and they had to serve the ball in the court. If they made it in, they came back to the end of the line. If they missed their serve, they were out. This was intense!! I'm telling you, kids will do anything for candy.

Our last competition was for my clothes. We layed them on the court and then it was a free for all. If they served the ball and it hit the clothing, they got to keep it! I didn't really think this would be devastating for some of them. One of my girls was so upset that she didn't win my t-shirt. She wanted it so badly. It broke my heart and she was in tears. But I gave her a pep-talk (kind of) and tried to motivate her to beat the boys at the end of practice! And she did!

These kids have been such a blessing to me in my time in France. They brought me so much joy and they really made me feel loved so much. They brought me gifts for my birthday and drew me pictures and wanted to have pictures taken of me! It is going to be harder to leave Nantes than I thought...

Me and all the kiddos!

Me and the boys. Pierre-Lupe was proud to win those pants!

Me and my girlies! I miss them already. Cici, Kenza, Liza, Audrey, Chloe, Clementine, Lona, and Juliette.

Clement, one of the boys, got me this beautiful bouquet of flowers. How sweet!

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